Flamenco 4


Flamenco dance originates  from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain and is the classical dance form of many Hispanic cultures. Elegant, exciting, haunting and graceful, flamenco evokes images of courtly gentlemen, beautiful ladies and passionate emotions. Flamenco classes are offered for students ages 5 to adult. Students must purchase a Flamenco costume; consult staff for details. We offer multiple sub-genres of Flamenco as well, including Shawls (Manton) and Castanets.

Dress Code:  Flamenco skirt or folkloric practice skirt, tights or socks, black leotard, black flamenco or folkloric shoes with nails. These are available through the studio; consult staff. Custom-made flamenco costumes, ordered through the studio, will be worn for performances. Please consult staff. For performances, dancers wear suntan and/or fishnet tights for Flamenco.

See our Student Handbook page for further details.