K-1st Level Classes:

Creative Movement

This class is for our littlest dancers. It emphasizes fitness, flexibility, fun, artistic expression and learning to work with others and follow directions. Dust your little one’s feet with stardust and start ’em on a lifetime of enjoyment, artistry and fitness.


EGD is now excited to start specialty dance technique starting at age 5! Tippy toes and soft but strong movement, ballet is perfect style for a dancer wanting a great solid base for all dance forms.


EGD is now excited to start specialty dance technique starting at age 5! Show us your best Jazz hands while learning this strong, high energy, fun dance style.


For the little one with flair, spice, and attitude! Flamenco dance originates  from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain and is the classical dance form of many Hispanic cultures. Elegant, exciting, haunting and graceful, flamenco evokes images of courtly gentlemen, beautiful ladies and passionate emotions. Students must purchase a Flamenco costume; consult staff for details.


Mexican Folkloric

Beautiful skirts & stomping feet! Folkloric Dance is a bright, colorful and exuberant representation of Mexican culture, performed to traditional and contemporary Mexican music. Students have the opportunity to be immersed in this rich culture through the teaching of technical foot work, steps, and skirt work, all while learning the history of each dance and state in Mexico.



From the old-style Vaudeville hoofers to modern sensations like TAP DOGS and the Rockettes, incorporating moves from across the globe, our tap teachers keep things moving. Our youngest tappers learn the basics of rhythm, musicality, and timing, all while learning the basic fundamentals of the technique.


Hip Hop

That could be YOU in the latest #1 music video! Hip Hop is just plain fun. Kids will learn the latest dance moves, as well as learning teamwork, artistry, and performance, all while having a great time in this upbeat class.


Have a little one that is always upside down? Acro is a great combination between gymnastics and dance, where students will learn flexibility, strength, and safety all while having  a great time learning the basics of somersaults, cartwheels, handstands, etc. Level I Acro is open to students ages 6+.


Scottish Highland

This cultural-rich art form is perfect for the little who is always jumping! This class is available to students ages 5+ who can confidently hop on one foot.


Mini Company

Want some extra performance opportunities? Mini Company might just be the group for you! Mini Company is a dance company for ages 4-6, specializing in the beginner techniques of Jazz, Ballet, and Musical Theatre. Students must take one hour of Jazz or Ballet weekly and must have a budding love for dance and performing!


See our Student Handbook page for further details.