Come out and dance with us, all while having fun & getting a good workout!


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EGD offers 2 classes specifically for adults only: Adult Flamenco and Dance for Adults!

Dance for Adults is a great class to try new dance styles, including Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern, etc. Taught by Carley Schmitt, who has a soft spot for dancers beginning a little later in life like she did! We are excited for our second year of this fun, high energy class.

EGD is excited to offer Adult Flamenco again! Flamenco is a dance style where you can let out your inner Spanish Gypsy! Focusing on combining strength and grace through arm movement and footwork, Erika Vasquez is excited to share her love of the style in this Adults-only class.



Know the style you want to try? Good thing our dance classes aren’t just for children. Everything Goes Dance Studio offers a curriculum for adults at all levels. Certain classes are for adults only, but adults are welcome to join any class that ‘s appropriate for their level of proficiency. Many of our classes have several adult students. Don’t be shy!

Ballet ~ Jazz ~ Modern ~ Tap ~ Hip Hop ~ Flamenco ~ Mexican Folkloric

Our beginning classes are perfect for people who are interested in exploring their creative sides or who want the exercise. You don’t have to be a good dancer or be in good shape — but dance classes will help you get into shape and become a good dancer! And you’ll make friends and have fun! Come check us out.

Click here to view the schedule.


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