Acrobatics & Tumbling for Dance

Somersault, Cartwheel, and Back Flip into this exciting new class, where gymnastics & contortion meet dance technique! We now offer Acrobatics & Tumbling for Dance for ages 6 and up, intro to advanced level. Learn new tricks, gain new strength, and increase your dance repertoire in this fun and unique class.

Dress Code: Black leotard, dance shorts or tights, bare feet.



Intro– No Experience Necessary, Ages 6 and Up

Level I– Some experience required, Ages 7 and Up. Prerequisites: somersault, cartwheel, Bridge, etc.

Level IA– Ages 7 and Up. Prerequisites: Smooth cartwheel, held handstand, bridge from standing, etc.

Level 2– Ages 9 and Up. Prerequisites: Great coordination, balance, & upper body strength, at least 2+ years dance experience, one-handed cartwheel, illusion, bridge from standing, etc.

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